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Phone: (979) 865-5966

Conference time:  9:45am - 11:00am

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6th Science: @2324bj to 81010

Course Outline:

Rules and Expectations

Unit 05: Investigating Thermal Energy

Intro: Processes for Scientific Investigations

Unit 06: Investigating Earth Materials

Unit 01: Investigating Chemicals

Unit 07: Investigating Plate Tectonics

Unit 02: Investigating Properties of Matter

Unit 08: Investigating the Solar System

Unit 03: Investigating Force and Motion

Unit 09: Investigating Organisms

Unit 04: Investigating Energy Resources and Transformations

Unit 10: Investigating Ecosystems


Daily Work/Homework

In sixth grade, we are building student responsibility.  Students are expected to be prepared for class with materials and assignments. Daily work and homework will make up 35% of the student’s final six weeks grade.


Student Labs

In Science, we will incorporate a hands-on lab or exploratory investigation during each unit. The labs will make up 25% of the student’s final six weeks grade.


Major Grades/Tests

Students will be tested over each unit.  The tests given will include vocabulary words, the content, and applications of all learned in that unit.  Projects will also be included in this category.  This category will make up 40% of your student’s final six weeks grade.

Our Classroom Rules

In This Classroom

You Are Expected To Learn



Speak with respect to the teacher and your peers.

Come to class on time, ready to learn & with all necessary materials.

Interruptions or rudeness are NOT tolerated.  Raise your hand to speak.

Exercise safety and caution when conducting experiments.

No running, yelling or throwing objects.  No food or drink in the labs.

Check your work carefully and pay attention to the details.

Explore ideas and concepts.  Ask questions to find the right answer.