Maintaining Eligibility

Maintaining NJHS Eligibility

  1. Students who do not maintain the standard of outstanding scholarship, along with leadership, service, character, and citizenship, are subject to dismissal as defined herein.

  2. The chapter advisor will periodically review the standing of members for compliance with society standards.

  3. The advisor will inform the errant member in writing of the nature of the violation and the time period for improvement. Members are subject to limited participation and privileges of the National Jr. Honor Society.

  4. A member given a violation notice for failure to maintain the required grade average/conduct grade will have the succeeding six weeks grading period to bring his/her grade up to the average which was the standard for his/her selection.

  5. A member may receive a maximum of only 1 warning letter per year .

  6. If the member is dismissed, written notice of the decision will be sent to both the member and the parent.

  7. In the case of a serious violation of school rules or civic laws, a warning is not required.

  8. Each member is required to participate in any NJHS activity held during school hours.

  9. Each member is required to make 90% of all NJHS meetings.

  10. Each member must maintain an overall 93 average; failure in ANY class is an automatic dismissal.

A. Below the overall 93 average; a warning letter is issued

B. Second occurrence of below the overall 93 average will result in dismissal.

C. NOTE: If you are in a PreAp class you will get 5 points added to your class average before your overall average is calculated.

  1. Each member is required to try out for at least ONE UIL academic event. Documentation will be required.

  2. An S or above in conduct must be maintained.

A. An N in any class results in a warning letter; any additional N in any class, any 6 weeks results in automatic dismissal.

B. A U in conduct in any class results in automatic dismissal.

  1. An I.B.S. Assignment:

A. Students with 1 major disciplinary infraction leading to In-Building Suspension will receive a warning letter.

B. Students with more than major disciplinary infraction leading to In-Building Suspension will be DISMISSED.

  1. A suspension for school will result in an automatic dismissal.

  2. The dismissed member must return the NJHS emblem and membership card to the chapter advisor .

  3. If the NJHS emblem and or membership card is lost the member will pay the replacement cost of the emblem and the membership card.

  4. If the member is unwilling to do this, the matter will be treated as a school disciplinary matter.

  5. The dismissed member may appeal under the rules that govern disciplinary appeals in the Bellville I.S.D.

  6. In the case of dismissal appeals, the principal will advise the superintendent that decisions should be based on the adequacy and fairness of a faculty council procedure rather than on the wisdom of its judgment.

  7. The National Council and the National Association of Secondary School Principals will hear no appeals in dismissal cases.