Mrs. Schroeder's Science

Hello My Name Is...

Sharon Schroeder


Hi. My name is Sharon Schroeder. I teach 6th Grade Science, 6th Grade Pre Ap Science, and coach 8th Grade Volleyball, Basketball, and Tennis. I am also the Assistant HS Tennis Coach. I have been teaching for 19 years. I actually grew up right here in Bellville and attended all Bellville schools and Graduated from Bellville High School!

Coach Schroeder’s Class Schedule

8:00-8:51       1st Period  8th Grade Athletics

8:55-9:45        2nd Conference

9:49-10:45      3rd Period 

10:45-11:15     Lunch

11:19-12:09     4th Period Science

12:13-1:03       5th Period Science

1:07-1:57         6th Period Science

2:01-2:31         7th Period Homeroom

2:35-3:25         8th Period  7th Grade Athletics

** Our Test Day will be on Tuesdays.